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For this first night of the Pickin' Up Tennessee tour, what could be
better than sitting' around a campfire pit in one of Tennessee's
award-winning state parks, listening to local pickers?  Which park
could be more appropriate for this than Tims Ford, which has been
hosting twice-a-month Saturday Night Pickn sessions for more than
20 years. And finally, who could be more fitting to listen to than
some of the veteran Saturday Night Pickers, including Dave
Watson, who originated the sessions back when he was a ranger
at this park, and Geoff Roehm, a Swanee instrument maker who
wrote the waltz they'll be playing this evening. They'll be joined at
the campfire by several of the other sessions regulars.    

With songs like "My Mule's Too Drunk to Ride, " "Digg'n My Own
Grave" and "Throw'n Rocks at Broken Windows," Dave Watson is
a classic country-music story teller. He's also the most experienced
fishing guide you'll find on Tims Ford Lake. For more info:
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