Your rod and line combination are important when you are feeling your
lure work beneath the surface.  You can use a crank bait like a jig and a
jig like a crank bait.  As you learn to use lures in different conditions
and presentations you will greatly increase  your catching.
              PRO   BASS   LOCATER
   Luck, preparation, instinct and opportunity are some of the secrets to your     
success as a hunter , a predator, a competitor .  
Generally all 3 species ( Smallmouth, Kentucky and Largemouth ) spawn
around  65 degrees water temp with the location and depth of the Lg & Sm
being similar. The Kentucky Bass nest are generally  8 to 12 ft deep and are
in  colonies on flats.
With the water Temp being 45 to 55 degrees the bass will be at different stages of migration 12 to
3 feet deep. With a passing cold front they will hunker down where they are at until warming
begins again.
Small strike zone.