Barometric Pressure
Bright  clear skies (Blue Bird Day)  the bass will be hiding in the
shadows in available cover or depth and inactive .
Small strike zone...
Bass are shadow feeders ..They will be  on the dark side of cover and
facing into  the wind , current,  As opportunist a jig or soft plastic is the
lure of choice...

falling or rising pressure ,,changing weather conditions ,clouds, low light,
They will be roaming, aggressive , feeding and have a large strike zone.
Crankbaits will let you cover more area for the aggressive feeders.

As spring cold fronts pass Bass will hold their positions until warming begins again
(Bass are migrating ,so they will just hunker down) small strike zone, small plastics
Pursue Bass as you would a Buck...Feeding area , cover, know where
apple / persimmon trees are. When the corn & beans are cut, acorns are
falling ,rut etc.
When and where Shad are spawning , crayfish are molting, bream are on
bed and find the closest ambush areas are to these areas.
Big bucks are harvested during the rut because they are more  
nocturnal.      Big bass are caught during the spawn because they stay
mostly deep & come shallow ,fat with eggs, to spawn.